BLINDER M27 X-TEME laser jammer park assist


When the ignition is turned on, the upstart self-test function (STF) will tell you that the BLINDER is ready. BLINDER is on stand-by until a police laser gun or one of the automatically photo laser speed traps hits the car. Now the BLINDER starts to do its job. Buy Now

The Laser Warning System (LWS) tells the driver, that a laser gun is operating near him. He may want to slow down. The Infra Red Detectors transmit the incoming laser pulse frequency to the built-in computer. The optimal jamming pulse (APS) is now selected.

Because the jamming pulse is transmitted only when the laser gun is active, it has become possible to apply an extremely powerful return-jamming pulse signal. The police laser gun or photo trap cannot measure the speed, and the driver can continue without a speeding ticket.


  • The M27 & M47 come with a more powerful platform based on a new central CPU that controls user settings, software updates, synchronization of all sensors and communication.
  • Improved detection and jamming function (hardware & Software)
  • PC software updateable (via USB port on the CPU module)
  • The BLINDER Update Software also allows the user to change system settings like upstart behaviours, jamming period and more.
  • Free software downloads from BLINDER web site (Including e-mail upgrade notification service)
  • Multi-function System (user can easily select modes: parking sensor or garage door opener/jamming mode by a new 3-postion switch)
The BLINDER M27 X-TREME is an advanced multi-purpose laser system:
  • Speed laser defense
  • Laser parking assist
  • Gate & driveway light activation

Unique BLINDER product advantages:
  • BLINDER 14 years experience as market leader
  • Internet upgradable software guarantees protection against future laser speed traps USB interface makes DIY upgrades a snap!
  • User definable modes
  • Detects all laser guns made today in Europe, Asia, Australia and USA/Canada
  • Protects against speed laser traps (Patented Stealth mode jamming)
  • New Custom High Powered infrared LED's to give optimal jamming performance
  • Responds only to actual speed lasers (no false alerts).
  • Audible & Visual Alerts
  • Discreet front and / or rear install on any vehicle or motor bike
  • 2 years warranty

  • Internal self test function guarantees reliable protection when operating.
  • BLINDER is designed to remain stealthy and avoid producing jamming codes on speed guns.
  • The sensor modules are small and blend aesthetically in with the front bodywork of your vehicle making them difficult notice.
  • BLINDERs infrared laser pulses are arguably the strongest available anywhere for non-military use.
  • Designed to jam all police laser guns on the market from any distance all the way to the laser gun
  • Provides enough time for the driver to slow down before the jammer is deactivated by the driver, or automatically switches off after a pre-set elapsed time has expired.
  • This unit scans constantly for police laser guns or laser speed cameras and then computes the laser pulse rate and sends back within milliseconds a specially designed counter laser signal especially designed for that make of police laser gun. The result will confuse the LIDAR causing the speed readout to remain blank while you adjust your speed accordingly.
  • Additional functions include parking sensor, garage door opener, gate & drive way light activator. (additional module required)

Videos & Testing:

Take a look at BLINDER Videos & the results of Independent testing in USA. Remember, you only need time to cut your speed by a few kilometers per hour which would only take a few seconds.

The BLINDER M27 X-TREME comes with:
  • 2 Infrared sensor modules provide front and rear laser jamming protection including both the front headlights and number plate regions.
  • 1 Central Processing Unit
  • 1 CPU wiring kit
  • 1 Mounting kit for 2 x sensor Units